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A dventurous: There is nothing wrong with pretending.
U nique: loud, colorful, crazy, antsey, quiet, observant, lover of all things witty & funny
B rave: unless its spiders, heights, or weird looking bugs
R etro: shabby chic, classic, cute, vintage, uncommon
E legent: No harm in believing I am
E xtravagent: No dening this

I love sunflowers, dresses, concerts, wine, being outdoors, bright blue skies and fluffy clouds, reading, traveling, learning, and talking to interesting people. I am always looking for an adventure and I just can't wait for life to show me another!
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In love with this weeks weekly round-up. Turquoise blue and pops of pink. #flowers #interiordesign #turquoise #floral #pink #bohemian

POST onion chopping. How the hell do you prevent the onion cry and burn????????? #cookingproblems

Organic stuffed bell peppers with basil, cherry tomatoes, spinach, onion, garlic, and grass-fed ground beef. #21daysugardetox #food #dinner #healthyeating

Happy Monday!

Roasted seasonal vegetables and grilled balsamic chicken. Our dinner’s are starting to feel like fall! 🍁🍂

Even the squirrels are going nuts over this perfect fall day! #denver #capitolhill #squirrels #fall

This guy riding a scooter to work made me very happy this morning. Keep on scooting random stranger! 😁✌ #denver #walkscootride

Beautiful fall day in downtown #denver

I’m drooling over these amazing luggage tag necklaces! What a cool design and idea. @jetsetcandy

Enjoy the Video

I keep waiting for the day when he gets his head stuck. 😸 #catsofinstagram

How fantastic are these rooms? #interiordesign #design #space #home

Drooling over these @sorelfootwear winter boots. #wishlist #winter

About to pop this beautiful tomato-basil quiche with bacom and spinach in the oven! #healthyeating #paleo

Dinner is served! Green apple turkey sausages on top of a bed of fresh greens. #healthyeating #food