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A dventurous: There is nothing wrong with pretending.
U nique: loud, colorful, crazy, antsey, quiet, observant, lover of all things witty & funny
B rave: unless its spiders, heights, or weird looking bugs
R etro: shabby chic, classic, cute, vintage, uncommon
E legent: No harm in believing I am
E xtravagent: No dening this

I love sunflowers, dresses, concerts, wine, being outdoors, bright blue skies and fluffy clouds, reading, traveling, learning, and talking to interesting people. I am always looking for an adventure and I just can't wait for life to show me another!
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Best friends for 13 years. Love you like a sister. @klreed #smellykellyvegas2014

So true. 😬🍷🍕🍫🍩

Linger rooftop for pre-dinner cocktails. #denver

If you used your imagination, where would this door take you? #denver #create

Caught posing!! ☺️ #saycheese #denver

Happy and full on good food, good wine, and good company. #denver #rootdown #nofilter

Goodnight and sweet dreams,
Close your tired eyes, breathe deep,
Let the night take you.
Tyler Benz (via createinfinitedreams)


Baia Taormina Grand Palace Hotel @ Italy


Gardens And Groves inspiration positive words


Gardens And Groves inspiration positive words

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Cuddly kitty knew he was being photographed. #leo #denver

Bye Adam and Teen! It was great seeing you and I hope you’ll be back to Denver soon. 😉🌄✈️

I like to keep people at work informed of Denver’s latest and greatest. #officelife

Check out these twins, Aubree and Brooke!!! Whhhhaaaattt??? So cool! #aubreebrooketopai