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A dventurous: There is nothing wrong with pretending.
U nique: loud, colorful, crazy, antsey, quiet, observant, lover of all things witty & funny
B rave: unless its spiders, heights, or weird looking bugs
R etro: shabby chic, classic, cute, vintage, uncommon
E legent: No harm in believing I am
E xtravagent: No dening this

I love sunflowers, dresses, concerts, wine, being outdoors, bright blue skies and fluffy clouds, reading, traveling, learning, and talking to interesting people. I am always looking for an adventure and I just can't wait for life to show me another!
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This is what it looks like when you sell everything you own. Goodbye dressers, fish tank, couch, coffee table, artwork, mirrors, etc. Starting fresh.

I just sold my first art pieces!!!!!!!!!! Does that make me legit now?!? 😊 #artist #makingmoney

Sometimes we all feel a little sideways or unbalanced. I know things will return back to normal once everything calms down. Isn’t it strange how life always makes everything happen at once?!

🌼🌺Love this. 🌺🌼

I read an article today about an old Japanese woman who rescued a cat after the tsunami. The cat now follows her everywhere and they have become inseperatable. It reminded me of Leo. He follows me from room to room and is always nearby. He either chills at my feet, on my desk, near the wall, or by my easel. Always close to me. I am so blessed to have found such an amazing and loving pet. #leo #instacat #cats #pets

New painting. Not done yet. 😁#art #creative #painting

This is me. I love having space and room to roam BUT I thrive best when surrounded by the buzzing energy of a city. #citygirl #countryheart

I will miss this view. Monterey is such a beautiful place. #sealife #boats #sailing #pacificocean #monterey #carmel #sunset

Ok! Good advice.

Who’s closer?! RED or GREEN #help #bocceball #slo

Love this man. Wine tasting is one of our favorite hobbies.

Great picture!! Love the Benz’s. 😊

Perfect day for bocce ball at Bailyana (<—GREAT wines, check them out!) #sanluisobispo #slo #calpoly #winetasting #wine

Wine tasting in SLO! #sanluisobispo #calpoly #wine